In the field of marketing advertising communication or anything we may call it, naming has always been an identity. It has reached to a different dynamics in past few days. Now it is not limited to 360 degree approach but it has gone beyond 360 degree. Keeping all these in mind and considering the relevance with the offering the name OCTOPI has been given as our offering is exactly what it is needed for our clients. So the areas have even widened more than before. So, Octopus having eight arms can do more than what two arms can do. Many Octopus will even more than 8 arms can do. And, OCTOPI is the plural name of Octopus.

What does Octopi reflects

Philosophy: Our intentions are always GOOD that’s why we simply do BETTER which will eventually make us the BEST. (Mysticality; Everything done here are the reflections of the people’s heart. And all that will succeed are blessings of the four mystic elements of creation itself. So if you want good, good shall happen. And when Goodness, selflessness, purity, simplicity, honesty and conciseness are the pillars of any venture the profitability becomes the consequence of innovativeness. Only then can you go beyond by unlearning the timeworn and welcome the change.)

Mission: Become an international agency who’s head quarter is located in Bangladesh and has office across the world

Vision: Let the true art of creative communication live on

Corporate Culture: A disturbance free space to harvest your creative intellectuality

Creative Route: There is no box! To stand out, many may choose to go out of the box, not us. We just believe that ‘Accurate approaches for apprehension of any cause is greater than the eccentricity there could be.’

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